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A story about the changing world, body language, and the future of video calls

Deals may disappear

When analog brains go digital

We have been passionate about body language for many many years. But when we all started zooming overnight, even we struggled. Without realizing it, we all magnify a tiny part of our body, hoping people’s ancient, analog brain will do us justice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

Without a conscious effort to control our body language and appear differently, we lose credibility and appear like a pale shadow of our true selves. We might all be affected, but sales reps lose deals, managers struggle to influence, and recruiters can’t close talent.

Video calls may be digital, but the brain is still analog

So we did the research and figured out how to use body language to look better in video calls. And then started helping all of our friends bring their A-game to every video call. Now video calls became the new normal and everyone needed help.

But our sales reps’ friends needed the biggest help. Now, compelling body language really makes the difference between winning or losing a deal, so we decided to help.

QualiTalk journey to make body language accessible

So we set out to make body language something everyone can easily master and improve using technology. Today, QualiTalk acts as a digital body language coach.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze non-verbal behaviors and give you a dashboard to see your actions and what they actually signaled.

Now, you can see when, where, and for how long you signaled things like confidence, stress, uncertainty, or irritation. Now you know which actions you should start, or stop doing, and measure your progress from call to call.

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Lior Mor

Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, CTO

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Chief Data Scientologist

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