We See Things Differently

Video communication should feel like a miracle, not a burden. So we're redesigning everything around a new philosophy to boost its appeal; instant body language translation. See our motivations below.

Video Communication Backfired On Us

Video communication didn’t live up to its promise. It’s more about bringing people to the same virtual space than it’s about replacing meaningful face-to-face interactions. Suddenly, reading people, reactions, and situations is way more challenging. And interacting with many people at once or just a face that feels awkwardly close for an hour is exhausting. Conversational analytics and other tools try to help, but they provide insights retroactively when you need them now. And analyze what you said when “how” is what matters.

It’s time to push back. You deserve an experience that goes way beyond a face-to-face. You deserve a tool that helps you bring your A-game to every interaction. You deserve to know what nonverbal signals you need to stop doing now, not next time. And you deserve a company and a tool whose interests are aligned with yours.

That’s us. That’s QualiTalk.

They're Ruining Video Calls

Since 1870, people have dreamed of communicating through video. Since Zoom recently set the industry standards, it seems that tech companies only care about who builds the largest meeting room. Why defy this strategy and go up against these giants? Because they care about the wrong things.

The real issue is that even daily video calls from one’s home didn’t make people love a tool that feels so inferior to meeting in person. Most people simply dislike it, and none of the companies seem to care.

The 150-year-old dream of widespread video communication is too important. Video communication is so fundamental for building our global village to accept things as they are. Someone needs to breathe new life, bring fresh perspectives and new ideas based on the latest technology.
We’ve taken on that challenge.

We Ensure Video Calls Live Up To Their Potential

Video communication tools are rich in features but poor in philosophy. They’re all about connected machines, not improving your interactions, and *what* you say when the *how* is so critical. They think of a “conference room” when we use laptops.

What’s missing is an entirely new philosophy for video communication in the 2020s. Instead of a poor version of an in-person meeting, exceed any face-to-face conversation. Focus on your value, not connectivity. And emphasize actions over words.

QualiTalk has it – an AI-powered body language coach helps you bring your A-game to every video call. By amplifying your people skills, you will always get more out of every interaction. Few things are as exciting as getting superpowers overnight and becoming great at something you struggled with forever.

We’ll help you get there.

Meet the Team

We're a team of body language mavens, software development junkies, and data science geeks on a quest to help people become better communicators in every video call.

Lior Mor

Lior Mor

Co-founder, CEO

Studying body language for 20 years

Formerly a Product Manager and Sales Analyst Team Leader

Mark Gankin

Mark Ganking

Co-founder, CTO

Led the Algorithm Dev. Team at InnoVision Labs

Formerly a Software Architect and Software Developer Team Leader

Avi Aminov

Avi Aminov

Chief Data Science

Chief Data Science at Authomize

Formerly an Algorithm Engineer and a Senior Data Scientist